Safety labor protection products|cut-resistant gloves, labor protection gloves you must know

2021-08-03 16:42

Whether in our daily life or in some industrial and mechanical maintenance, we all need to use labor protection gloves. Among them, cut-resistant gloves are the most widely used labor protection gloves. The role of labor protection gloves is mainly to protect the arms at work. Equipped to avoid friction and cutting of the arm by mechanical equipment. Let's understand what is cut-resistant gloves?

Cut-resistant gloves are a new type of labor protection gloves that replace plastic gloves. High-quality materials are emphasized. It is also a new product in the labor insurance product sales market at this stage. Cut-resistant gloves are selected from characteristic nitrile frosted gloves, and HPPE+PU glue can effectively block oil pollution. In addition, the technically professional vulcanized rubber production line promotes the production of gloves that are soft and malleable, comfortable to wear, easy to move around, no odor, strong adhesion, good abrasion resistance, and neat style.

Its obvious characteristics depend on high wear resistance, good ductility, easy removal, comfortable breathability, no harm to arm condyle theme activities, and more reasonable avoidance of damage caused by CNC blades, needle sticks and palms and fingers of the hand. Applicable A large number of fields and natural environments, and also enhance the versatility of the rubber gloves themselves, such as the anti-skid effect of the oily natural environment, the anti-tearing effect, and the anti-puncture effect.

Cut-resistant gloves are a common personal protective equipment. Everyone can choose suitable and cost-effective cut-resistant gloves according to the office environment. It is widely used in labor protection in the fields of engineering construction, mining, metal materials, machinery and equipment manufacturing, laminated glass, hardware and electrical machinery, and industrial practical operations. It is an ideal arm protection product. The editor reminds you that you must wear protective gloves in your daily work. Safety is the most important thing.