Several types of labor protection gloves

2021-08-03 16:28

Labor protection gloves are the labor protection products that everyone often use now, and they have very good safety protection effects. Whether it is industrial and mining enterprises, chemical plants, or infrastructure, labor protection gloves are all indispensable items. In fact, many people don't know. There are many types of labor protection gloves. Although they are all protective gloves, there are still differences in focus. Today we are here to mainly understand several types of labor protection gloves.

1. High temperature resistant gloves

The traditional method of high temperature resistant gloves is all made of asbestos materials. It can also be divided into two indicators and five finger types. Nowadays, flame retardant white canvas or recognized fire retardant textile fabrics are generally used to make fire retardant gloves. Traditional glass fiber cotton gloves are more irritating to the body's skin, so they are rarely used now. This kind of gloves is suitable for smelting plants or other types of furnace technology, and the practical effect is better.

2. Anti-static gloves

Anti-static gloves are generally made of woven materials with conductive chemical fibers, and they can also be hand-woven from long chemical fibers and elastic nylon. A kind of glove must be glued with polyurethane adhesive on part of the palm of the hand, or with polyurethane epoxy resin on part of the fingertips or a high-pressure polyethylene coating on the surface of the glove. Gloves made of conductive chemical fibers can quickly dissipate the static induction gathered in the hand.

The other is that the gloves with polyurethane material or high-pressure polyethylene coating are not easy to cause dust and electrostatic induction. Antistatic gloves are mostly used in product quality inspection, packaging and printing, electronic equipment, low current flow, assembly of instruments and meters, and inspection work of various scientific research administrative agencies.

3. Cut-resistant gloves, gloves, gloves

Cut-resistant gloves are used to prevent shock-related physical hazards caused by vibration. In forestry and fruit industry, engineering construction, mining, transportation and other units, it is very easy to cause vibration occupational hazards-"white finger disease" when used to hold special vibration tools, such as chain saws and rock drills. This type of glove adds a certain thickness of plastic foam, natural latex and gas barrier to the palm of the hand to absorb the shock caused by it. The thicker the palm and finger pads, the greater the air content, and the better the actual shock absorption effect.

4. Disposable PE gloves

Disposable PE gloves can avoid the destruction of goods caused by static electricity of the human body during the processing, and are made of natural rubber. The product can be protected from environmental pollution and hazards caused by finger residue, smoke, sweat and oil stains during processing, and the product can be maintained reasonably. Polyethylene (PVC) gloves are the most common clean gloves in clean rooms.

The above are the common types of labor protection gloves. You can decide which type of labor protection gloves to use according to the specific use scenarios, so that labor protection gloves can provide you with better protective effects.